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In pursuit of luxury: a new trail mix range for a time of indulgence

As Easter fast approaches, the lure of sweet treats is getting stronger by the day, especially for those of us who have succeeded in resisting temptation over Lent.

At Mr Filberts, we are all for healthy eating and are proud of our carefully crafted artisan processes which make our savoury snacks healthier than mass-produced alternatives, which tend to be deep fat fried and powder-flavoured.

Having said that, we do also like the odd culinary treat, and our premium quality nuts and seeds do go rather well with some of the more indulgent ingredients.

Because we take so much care over the way we prepare our artisan products, we can create good quality, interesting treat and, if you are going to have the odd indulgent snack, it might as well something a bit more special, with honest, good quality ingredients.

With this in mind, we have concocted a brand new range of trail mix snacks which combines just the right balance of salty and sweet flavours to create irresistible gourmet treats.

A celebration of the end of abstinence and the arrival of Spring, the Deliciously Indulgent range features roasted nuts, fruit and chocolate-coated raisins and honeycomb. It is a luxurious feast for the taste buds, rich in flavours and textures with never a dull bite.

Carefully crafted with our unique hot-air roasting process and hand tumbled flavouring method, this new range of snacks offers something a little more interesting as an indulgent treat.

The trail mix has now launched, so visit our shop and get these special snacks delivered to your door.

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