news-NEW-FROM-THE-NUTTERYWelcome to the nutty world of Mr Filbert, culinary inventor extraordinaire and creator of a new range of sophisticated nutty snacks, gourmet oils and drizzles that reflect his passion for exotic flavours and fusion foods.

Inspired by his travels, an infectious enthusiasm for great ingredients and a pile of old recipes left to him by his uncle, Mr Filbert’s inventive recipes are lovingly made in the South West with a whole heap of inventiveness.

Each inventive snack is created by roasting (not frying) the nuts in extra virgin rapeseed oil in Mr Filbert’s very own customised nut roaster, then tossing and tumbling them in different combinations of ingredients – many of them locally sourced; honey from Mr Filbert’s own bees, chillies from a farm in South Devon, Dorset wild garlic and English herbs are used in different combinations for the range of nuts and seeds that includes Classic, Sweet & Tangy and Hot & Spicy recipes.

Mr Filbert’s has also hand crafted and bottled his celebrated extra virgin rapeseed oil in a delightful range of infused oils and salad drizzles, each with their very own unique twist to the flavour – including his renowned hand foraged Dorset wild garlic oil, and his award winning Honey, Mustard and Gooseberry dressing.


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