Modern Slavery Statement

Filberts Fine Foods Ltd is committed to ensuring it operates its business in an ethical and fully compliant manner. This statement reflects our commitment to ensuring that we and the businesses with whom we trade are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This statement is published on our main website and represents our approach to compliance for all of our business interests.

This statement gives an overview of our commitment to ensure a risk-free supply chain that is compliant with this legislation. It also indicates our deeper commitment to prevent human rights abuses within our wider business network, including all of the businesses we interface with in our operations.

Our business and supply chain

  • We are a supplier of quality, snack products based in a rural location in the UK. Our supply chain includes both domestic UK and worldwide suppliers.
  • We buy ingredients to manufacture a range of products, and trade in ready- to- eat finished goods.
  • We work with domestic and overseas supply businesses to source high quality products.

Slavery and human trafficking policies

It is the aim of our business to be compliant with the 2015 Slavery and Human Trafficking Act.
We are confident that our UK business is free from practices covered by the act.
We are aware that risks may exist within any businesses wider supply chain and are taking the following steps to ensure that the companies that we work and trade with, are compliant with the Act.

  • We ask suppliers to submit their public domain Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement URL to us as part of our Supplier Approval Procedure. All suppliers will be vetted to ensure compliance.
  • We actively ask our staff to “Whistle-blow” on any risks they may identify within the course of their work in relation to this issue within our entire supply chain.
  • Our procurement staff are provided with training and advice, to ensure they understand and comply with the legislation.

Specifically, we have required existing suppliers to comply with the following instruction:

As part of our commitment to ensure our supply chain is in compliance with the aims of the Ethical Trading Initiative and the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we are contacting our suppliers to seek assurances about their own awareness of, and compliance, with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is a piece of legislation that requires organizations to publish an annual ‘slavery and human trafficking statement’. This requirement came in to force in 2016. We have asked our supply chain to undertake the following actions:

  1. Provide a URL link to their own ‘slavery and human trafficking statement’ on their main company website. OR in the absence of this statement, confirmation that they are working towards providing this statement with information outlining how they anticipate ensuring compliance across their business and by what date the statement will be in place.
  2. Specific indications of:
    – Any Risk areas within their own business or supply chain that they have identified.
    – What they are doing to address them.
    – A date by which we can expect an update on any remedial action.
    In the absence of any identified risks, we would ask them to state clearly that they have a fully-compliant supply chain based on their own due diligence process.

Filberts Fine Foods Ltd are committed to ensuring our supply chain is free from human rights abuses. We always welcome suggestions from anyone within our overall supply chain regarding how we can ensure we all work together to create a fully risk-free supply chain.

Due diligence and records

As part of our approach to monitoring and controlling risks, we have:

  1. An actively managed Approved Supplier List relating to this due diligence, listing named suppliers and the stage at which their compliance is recorded based on three possible outcomes (compliant, date of projected compliance, risk – action required).
  2. A named individual within the organization who holds responsibility for this list.
  3. A controlled contact process for existing suppliers that already have Approved Supplier Status in the procurement process of Filberts Fine Foods Quality Management System.
  4. We have a newly updated supplier approval process.
  5. We have a dedicated contact mechanism for managing all communications relating to our compliance:

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