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More than just hot air: why our dry-roasted snacks are a nut above the rest

We took the long-time pub favourite, dry-roasted peanuts, and turned them into something tastier, healthier and altogether more special.

At Mr Filberts, we are always looking for new ways to promote the noble nut and nowhere is this more apparent than our dry-roasted peanuts.

The dry-roasted peanut is known to us all in its mass-produced form and we have taken delight in creating a more interesting gourmet version of this snack using our expertise and commitment to artisan preparation.

This starts with selecting the best ingredients. We use only the highest quality Argentinian peanuts that we tumble with only 100% natural ingredients, such as onions, celery seeds, garlic and natural yeasts, which we feel makes all the difference to texture and taste.

However, it’s no use having fine produce if you’re not going to treat it with care.

At Mr Filberts, we prepare our nuts in true artisan style, and at the heart of this is a process called hot air roasting.

This unique, meticulous method involves toasting the peanuts in their own, natural oils and nothing else; a far cry from mass-produced deep-fat-fried alternatives.

The result is an all-natural, gluten-free, dry-roasted savoury snack which has a perfect crunchy texture. What’s more, they are the first non-MSG dry-roasted peanuts on the market.

Hot air roasting also helps our carefully selected flavours to really come through. Inspired by our travels tasting fine produce around the world, our natural ingredients are hand tumbled with our nuts to create truly interesting taste combinations.

Our Marrakesh Spicy Peanuts, for example, combine chilli, garlic, honey and mint to create a snack which goes perfectly with a cold lager, while our Rosemary Sea Salt Peanuts have a more delicate, Mediterranean flavour which blends beautifully with a chilled glass of white wine.

In truth, the protein-packed peanut compliments all sorts of different flavours and we are constantly thinking of exciting new combinations to try. Why not take a look at our shop to see our full range?

Crisp, crunchy and packed with layers of delicate natural flavours, we think our hot air roasting truly brings out the best in a peanut.

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