Beat the dark skies with a taste of the Mediterranean

Our naturally sun-ripened olives are the perfect antidote to a lacklustre summer.

Timed perfectly with the start of school summer holidays, the glorious sunny skies disappeared under a blanket of rain clouds here in Somerset and, as I write, the picture isn’t much different around the UK.

Of course, it hasn’t been all bad, but certainly the British summer seems to be doing its best to live up to its unpredictable reputation.

On rainy days like these we at Mr Filbert’s kitchen like to reflect on our travels in warmer climes, on the search for fresh and interesting recipes to inspire the flavours for our delectable savoury snacks.

One perfect destination for such armchair travelling is Greece, where we source our finest-quality Halkidiki and Kalamata olives.

Halkidiki olives are renowned for their perfectly crisp texture and divine taste, while our naturally sun-ripened Kalamata olives have a deliciously smooth texture, rich flavour and are also a great source of fibre and vitamin E.

We didn’t just bring olives back from Greece, we also discovered some heavenly marinade recipes using fresh, natural ingredients. These traditional recipes have stood the test of time, so we saw no need to change them when marinating our own olive snacks.

By using the finest natural flavours and best quality olives, we believe we have captured the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean and sealed them in snack-sized packets.

Mr Filberts olive packs don’t need to be kept in the fridge before opening, and are easy to eat, with no stones or oil, so they are perfect for snacking, anywhere and anytime you need a taste of sunshine.

Should the summer stage a comeback, we have also created a delicious tapenade recipe, perfect to pep up your picnics, using our Pitted Green Halkidiki olives with chilli and black pepper; a fantastic addition to any alfresco feast.

To help give your summer a boost, we are giving you 20% off all online Mr Filberts Olive Snack purchases when you buy three or more packs before the end of August.  Visit our online shop and use the OLIVES17 coupon code at the checkout to make the most of this great offer.

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